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Wały napędowe i krzyżaki

Reported by: donky Owned by: Tim Kosse
Priority: normal Component: Other
Keywords: Cc: donky, Tim Kosse
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Basically, the problem is that FileZilla just doesn't
seem to handle a queue of files to download that
well. If I have a queue of files that I can order and
the client is reconnecting to continue downloading
after timing out, I want it to finish the file at the
top of the queue before moving onto the next one - not
throw the file to the bottom of the queue.

Additionally, in the latest version (1.4?) FileZilla
tends to stall on a timeout detected somewhere along
the way through the queue. Rather than continue
downloading. 1.0 is much more reliable in this regard
and will handle a timeout much better.

If this is unclear or you want more details, let me
know :)

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comment:1 by anonymous, 23 years ago

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It seems not possible to delete or process the current
transferring queue when sudden timeout of server.

comment:2 by anonymous, 23 years ago

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I have the same problems. Added to this, for some reason,
when a download gets dropped for any reason, it stays in
a "Transferring" state and can never have it's status reset.

This is cool software except for a few small bugs.

comment:3 by ciocianowa26, 12 years ago

Summary: Faulty queue entry reconnectionWały napędowe i krzyżaki

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