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Hi, so far I like filezilla but with the following few notes.

It would benefit from up and download buttons on the
toolbar. Right click to transfer seems an unnecessary
strain on the carpel.

"Clear queue" wouldn't hurt anything either.

More importantly, v2.2.7a seems to be causing
performance issues. Specifically, it's slow to open and
some operations impact on other programs - most
notably windows explorer. The system appears to be
not responding until Filezilla sorts itself out. Then it's
okay again.

I did a clean install on winxp so filezilla is virtually the
only thing installed.

I was trying out the "overwrite if newer" feature... which
I couldn't get to work =( Doing server backups without
the need to download everything over and over each
time is the goal.

I hope these things can get straightened out.

Thanks for a great job so far.

PS. Feature request. I don't know if it's possible but an
option to follow symblic links or not follow them might be
handy. I haven't played around enough to know the
default behaviour yet.

  • Phineus

Note. This forum always gives me a hard time. That's
why I'm not logged in. I hope you don't mind. Also, you
do not need to reply. It's enough that I report my
experience. I'll check back for program updates and see
what you come up with.

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