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Click becomes click-drag with Wacom tablet

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Priority: high Component: FileZilla Client
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Component version: Operating system type: OS X
Operating system version: 10.6

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It's almost impossible to use Filezilla with a Wacom tablet and pen, since clicking anything in the file structure almost always is misinterpreted as a click-drag (since you tend to move the pen slightly while clicking.)

This results in the "Source and target are identical" error message, forcing tablet users to solely use the keyboard for navigation.

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comment:1 by Julian, 14 years ago

Priority: normalcritical

I want to endorse this ticket. It is the most unbelievably frustrating. But worse than the 'Source and target are identical' message is when entire directories of files jump about without warning breaking entire websites in a blink. No language is too colourful to describe how I feel when this happens.


comment:2 by Josh Davis, 12 years ago

Priority: criticallow

This is a mouse sensitivity issue. You should run into this in most file management applications. I would expect the work effort to support this would be pretty high, meaning FZ would have to override the OS handling of your pointer device, and filter out movement if it's more than X number of units.

Considering this is limited to a small number of users, and the limited dev resources don't use this, I wouldn't expect work to proceed on this. I would recommend you finding a champion programmer to make these changes for you, if it's really important.

That being said, there is no reason this could/would ever be "critical". FileZilla as a product works as designed. There are no crashes, no security holes, etc from this defect. It only affects a small number of users, and only a specific type of device (high resolution pen input). Even graphic designers should generally have a mouse at their disposal.

Really, this should be handled at the input driver level, which is why touch-screen input won't have this problem, but light-pen input probably would.

comment:3 by Willy Croezen, 11 years ago

I would very much like to have this fixed, as it is the only piece of software on my mac that suffers from this problem! It is therefor clearly a bug in filezilla and not something input driver related.

I DO have a mouse, but seldom use it. It is a complete drag to switch from pen to mouse and back again all the time because of one program.
The remark that this problem is limited top a small number of users is of no consequence. Maybe many users in the design community simply don't use filezilla BECAUSE of this problem...

comment:4 by didli, 11 years ago

Same problem here with Ubuntu 12.10 or Fedora 19 (but this problem subsists from a long time).

comment:5 by AvanOsch, 10 years ago

Priority: lowhigh

I guess *not* reporting won't get this problem fixed, so I created an account...
This problem exists for more than 5(!!) years now, while it shouldn't be that hard to fix:
I suggest a simple configuration setting (checkbox) for tablet users.
Just making the pointer less "precise" would fix the problem.

I don't believe this only affects a small number of users.
Well, I guess it depends on what one would consider a "small number", but this issue affects multiple operating systems, and more and more people are using tablets these days (not only graphical designers)
Please remember that having the issue and reporting it, are 2 different things!

Like AOP-Creatives I do have a mouse, but switching between pen/mouse is just not an option.
That's kinda like using a different steering wheel in your car, only for changing lanes...

I experienced this problem on Linux (Mint13/15) and ONLY with FileZilla...

comment:6 by AvanOsch, 10 years ago

Sorry for the extra post, but I just realized something...

I don't NEED drag-support!
Just an option to disable dragging would totally solve my issues.

comment:7 by Tim Kosse, 8 years ago

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Duplicate of #2191

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