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Quick transfer (or repeat queue) button, with pre-configured files to send

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When I develop websites, I usually separate CSS, Javascript and (X)HTML/PHP into different files, located in different folders. Some of the included PHP source files are outside the wwwroot for improved security.

Typical situation (simplified):


Very frequently, I'm editing both the .js, .css and maybe the template.php files at the same time - as they are very related to each other.
I would make some changes in several of the files mentioned and then upload them to the server, checking the results in a browser, make some adjustments (to several files) and uploading again.

Since the files are not in the same directory, I have to change directory two or three times every time I need to upload the files. The relatively new feature of synchronized browsing took away half of the work, since I only need to change directory on the local machine and the client automatically changes the remote.

I've tried bookmarks, they helped a little, but what I really would like to see is this:

A function that works just like the transfer queue (when you drag files onto it rather than dragging then to the remote site) - the files are queued, but not yet transfered. All the queued files are transferred (from several folders, into their respective remote folder) when you press the "Send queue"-button.
But when this is done, they are removed from the transfer queue.

It would work if you add a button that simply "resend last queue". An even better thing would be the possibility of adding several "macro"-buttons with pre-configured files to send. For example; you could make a "Send the index.php, main.js and main.css"-button and ad this button to the toolbar or the bookmark menu.

Thanks for reading through my ticket.


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