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Site Manager Improvement (Sort of Bug)

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On FileZilla Client, open "Site Manager". On right side we have 4 tabs. The bugs/improvements below are related to the site manager dialog.

General Tab:
Servertype --> should be "Server Type"
Logontype --> should be "Logon Type" or "Login Type"

Anonymons is by default selected for Logontype, which is fine, but when I select Normal from the dropdown, the User and Password boxes still show 'anonymous' and ''. Upon selecting 'Normal', these two boxes should clear up. Everytime I create/add a new site, I have to delete these two boxes. They should automatically clear up.

When Servertype FTP is selected, the Port box could show 21 by default. Similarly when SFTP is selected, the port box can change to 22 automatically. I remember FileZilla 2 had this before.

Advanced Tab
Servertype --> should be "Server Type"

For default remote directory, if I enter "/public_html" it works, but if I just enter "public_html" it does not work and shows a message saying the path could not be mapped. FileZilla 2 handled this automatically. Can we have it back?

The tab "Transfer settings" should be "Transfer Settings", i.e. in title case.

"Force showing hidden files" option should be also available in the site manager. There can be a checkbox for it just below the "Default Remote Directory" text box.

This is all I have for now.

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comment:1 by Alexander Schuch, 11 years ago

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"Server Type" and "Logon Type" are fixed.

Changing the "Logon Type" still does not clear "User" and "Password", but this is by intention. If you change from "Account" to "Normal", you should not be forced to enter "User" and "Password" again. Furthermore if you change the "Logon Type", simply use tab key to step to "User" and then "Password". The input text is selected so you can easily overwrite it by just typing.

The ports now stay empty which means that the protocol default port will be used. There is only the need to explicitly enter a port number if a non-default port is used.

I don't think adding a leading slash to the remote directory is a too-much for a user.

"Force showing hidden files" is just a hack for broken servers. If you still want this in the site manager dialogue, please file a new feature request. Thanks.

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