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Options to set default values for new Site Manager entries

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I use FZ mostly for authenticated SFTP connections, only occasionally for plain FTP connections and almost never for *anonymous* FTP.

So whenever I add a new entry to the Site Manager (which I do quite frequently), I have to change the default "Servertype" from FTP to something else (two clicks), the "Logontype" from "Anonymous" to "Normal" (two more clicks), and the User from "anonymous" to my username (which is the same on most servers I log into).

One great enhancement would be if the "Anonymous" option simply disappeared from the Logontype choices when SFTP is chosen for the Servertype. It really makes no sense when using the SFTP protocol, right?

But the feature I'd really love to see would be a "New Site Defaults" section in Settings (or even some kind of special "default site" in the site manager from which new sites would inherit their default attributes) to allow users to preset their most commonly used values for new sites.

For those of us who use their S/FTP client all day long, this would be a great time saver, instead of having to repeat the tedious chore of un-setting the same old default options, that you never use, every time.

One last, simple yet incredibly helpful, feature (from FTP Voyager) when adding sites to the Site Manager is to have the initial host value be a copy of the connection name by default. So as you type the new site name (in the left tree view), you are also populating the host field (on the right).

Why? Think about it: When you press the "New Site" button, you must immediately type the name of the new site. Many people (ME! and, admit it: you too!) simply use the host name (or a short form of it) for the site name. So routinely creating, saving, and connecting to a new site would then be as simple as pressing New Site, typing its host name and pressing enter (if my defaults RFE above were implemented).

Obviously I am a keyboard guy. I have a hot-key setup in windows that launches FZ. In case you haven't detected the pattern here, I also just voted on the RFE to add a Settings/Interface option that causes the Site Manager to open upon FZ startup.

CTRL-ALT-F Alt-N <enter><enter>

That would be great.

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