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Can't configure with Wizard

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After downloading the product, I've been trying to use the Network Configuration Wizard, to no avail. Here is the info from the wizard:

Connecting to
Response: 220 FZ router and firewall tester ready
USER FileZilla
Response: 331 Give any password.
PASS 3.0.11
Response: 230 logged on.
Checking for correct external IP address
Retrieving external IP address from
Checking for correct external IP address
IP ce-bci-caf-fd
Response: 200 OK
PREP 2149
Response: 200 Using port 2149, data token 1962381332
PORT 24,128,205,53,8,101
Response: 200 PORT command successful
Response: 150 opening data connection
Response: 503 Failure of data connection.
Server sent invalid reply.
Connection closed

I have Windows XP and am using the latest Mozilla Firefox as my browser.


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All the answers can be found at

Ask your network administrator for further help.

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