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CPU usage, refreshing when deleting

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using most recent ver of FZ, on intel mac 10.5+

i was deleting several thousand log files in one dir.

the cpu usage on my machine was so high i had a hard time shutting it down so i could remote in to do it.

every time it deleted a file, it would refresh server files listing. with on occasion would show the change, it could not keep up, and takes a long time to delete them all.

and for me, i dont care.
refresh when it is done.

was trying to delete 2,000+ log files

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comment:1 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

Which is the "latest" version you use? 3.0.10?

comment:2 by spaceman37, 16 years ago

i see is a new ver, i download and try it.

have fun

comment:3 by spaceman37, 16 years ago

just try it.

cpu usage was lower, 9.0.10 mac intel i686 ver.
about 50/200, duel core.

but it is still trying to refresh every few files is deleted.
is much better, remote window is blank a lot of the time, trying to get a new listing.

with that many files i guess better to remote in anyway.

was no que, to stop it had to exit program.

comment:4 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

I've made a few small changes to reduce CPU usage. Please try the most recent nightly build from

comment:5 by spaceman37, 16 years ago

the nightly build appears is faster.
a bit more cpu, 40 to 90 of 200 *2 cpu's*
but it deleted lota files real fast.

works for me.

many thx.

comment:6 by spaceman37, 16 years ago


this test was with 500 files.

first test was with a little ever 2k files.
i waited over 20 min and it hardly made a dent.

this new build, deleted the 500 in what appeared to be under 2 min. maybe 3 at most *rough guess*

vast improvement.

comment:7 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

File deletion has been improved in 3.0.11 and should be much faster now. Closing this bug report.

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