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SFTP to VMS server doesn't work

Reported by: yeshua Owned by: Alexander Schuch
Priority: normal Component: Other
Keywords: Cc: yeshua, Alexander Schuch, Tim Kosse
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When I SFTP to a VMS server, all directories show up as

Trace logs indicate that OpenVMS's SFTP server lists
directory contents as bare filenames, e.g.:
Trace: JTEST.DSC;1
Trace: JTEST.DTA;1

FTP works.

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comment:1 by Alexander Schuch, 17 years ago

Can you please try FileZilla 3 beta and check if the problem still happens for you?

comment:2 by yeshua, 17 years ago

I tested FileZilla 3.0.0 beta 2.

With Servertype set to Default, behavior seems to be similar
to the previous version. I.e., the following shows up in
debug logs but no directory contents are listed:
Listing: TEST.COM;44
Listing: TEST.PL;29
Listing: TEST.PL;29
Listing: test.txt;2
Listing: test.txt;2

With Servertype set to VMS, I get the following in the debug
Status: Retrieving directory listing...
Command: pwd
Response: Current directory is: "/users/jkelley"
Trace: ControlSocket.cpp(529): Can't parse path
Trace: CSftpControlSocket::ResetOperation(2)
Trace: CControlSocket::ResetOperation(2)
Trace: CSftpControlSocket::SendNextCommand(2)
Trace: CSftpControlSocket::ListSend(2)
Trace: CSftpControlSocket::ResetOperation(2)
Trace: CControlSocket::ResetOperation(2)
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing


comment:3 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

I don't think I can add support for this particular server.
It uses a unix style path format, yet sends listings in a
format that contains too few information, it would break
parsing other formats.

comment:4 by yeshua, 17 years ago

This is an OpenVMS server running HP TCP/IP Services for
OpenVMS, so it ought to be a pretty common setup. (Common
for VMS, at least.)

Would it work to only parse this style of listing for SFTP
connections when Servertype is VMS? (VMS servers over FTP
connections shows the VMS style path format, but from what
I've seen, VMS servers over SFTP connections use the Unix
style path format.)

comment:5 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Unfortunately it would break compatibility especially
towards other VMS servers which use multiline listings.

comment:6 by yeshua, 17 years ago

Do you have any details on VMS setups that use multiline

Sorry to be a pain about this, but I'm frustrated that I
haven't been able to find a good graphical SFTP client for
our VMS server, so if nothing else I'd like to play around
with the problem on my own time.

comment:7 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

All I know is that there are servers that wrap the listing entries and that different servers wrap at different columns.

comment:8 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Please try tomorrow's (2006-12-07) nightly once it got built.

comment:9 by yeshua, 17 years ago

Sorry, I just now got around to trying beta 4.

It works now. Thank you very much for your help. More details:

Servertype default works but servertype VMS does not. (Similar to before.)

I am noticing a different problem now (which I can log as a separate bug if you wish): Trying to download a larger zip file from the OpenVMS server fails. The client downloads 128KB, then pauses, then reports connection timed out and restarts the connection. After restarting the connection, it starts the download, then reports "Error: Out of memory!", then immediately restarts the download with the same result, in an endless loop. This may be a problem with the server rather than with FileZilla: once, while trying to download the same file with SFTP, I got an error "Received message too long 4174318280". If it is a server bug, then FileZilla is somehow triggering it every time instead of just once.

Thanks again for your help.

comment:10 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

FileZilla's SFTP support is based on PuTTY. Can you download the file using ?

If that fails too, it's either a bug in PuTTY or a server problem.

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