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Add "Prompt for Username & Password" to Site Manager and CLI

Reported by: quarky42 Owned by: Alexander Schuch
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I would like to be able to create a shortcut to FileZilla that launches an FTP to an address specified within the shortcut.

FileZilla already does this partially, however I need to have the user enter their username and password every time. I cannot store the username in the shortcut and I cannot save usernames/passwords in the site manager.

So in the shortcut I would like to have something like this as the command:

"c:\program files\FileZilla FTP Client\FileZilla.exe" address -f

Where "address" is the address of the ftp server that I put into the shortcut and "-f" or some other switch tells FileZilla to prompt for the username and password before connecting to the server.

This would allow me to deploy a shortcut to all the machines that I use that will connect for any user to a given FTP server, but it will prompt them for their information upon the initial connect each time.

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comment:1 by Alexander Schuch, 15 years ago

I haven't tried it myself yet, but isn't fzdefaults.xml.example an option for you? You can add default sites there. And FileZilla by itself never writes to that file, so it doesn't add used user names or passwords.

comment:2 by Alexander Schuch, 15 years ago

Let's assume FileZilla supports user name and password prompting for a site in site manager, why would you need the shortcut then? You have a network-based filesystem where the shortcut is stored at so that you can update all your machines at once by changing the shortcut on the server? Or what is your reason for trying to achieve something like that?

This has been requested already, see the following item for details:
[ 617076 ] dont require username in site manager

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comment:4 by quarky42, 15 years ago

I have tried the defaults xml file. It will not work unless I put a username in there. This is for a shared computer system: This is exactly why I want to make the user put in their own username.

It doesn't make a big difference to me if it is a customized shortcut that I put on each computer or a customized defaults xml file.... but either way I need to be able to specify a few server addresses, their configs, but I specifically need to leave out the username and password.

Further more, I need the user to enter their password every time.

When I try to do this with the XML file the site will not show up in the site manager as a predefined server unless I specify some username.

Another option:
I would like a logon type that prompts for username and password. (assuming FileZilla could be fixed to allow a server specification in the xml file to not have a user and pass field.)

Another way of looking at it:
Perhaps FileZilla could be made so that it prompts for both the username and password at the time of connect if they are not specified in the default xml file and/or in the site manager.

Sorry if this is confusing... I'm trying to point out different ways this can be accomplished. I really don't mind as long as I find a way where I can create some default sites that all my users can have for connecting that will force them to put their own username and password in.

I kind of like the last way of doing it. A> Allow users to create sites that do not have a username and password associated with them. Possibly call them "Prompt for Username/Password" B> For these sites prompt for the username and password at time of connect and allow the checkmark box to "remember username and password for this session only" just like a "Prompt for password" type logon allows the user to remember their password during that session. C> Flow these features down to the defaults xml file so that I can create a default site that uses these.

At most it might take a new type for "Logon Type", one minor variation to the connect gui where it prompts for a username in addition to a password when the Logon Type is set to the Username&Password option, and making sure that the settings can be set via xml.


comment:5 by quarky42, 15 years ago

I meant to add that 617076 would be a fine by me. It would accomplish what I need. What ever you deem to be easier and best over all.

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