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Better Userinterface Feeling.

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Hey there, iam using the latest CVS sync of the linux
version of FileZilla (FileZilla3). I Update several
times a day. However i didnt come here to say that, i
better get to the point.

From what ive seen on the userinterface we have
something similiar to this...

1) Window Style...

### LOCAL ############---############ SERVER ###
[Tree view of location] [Tree view of location]

!!!Below this treeview Window we have a very similiar

[Icon view of location] [Icon view of location]

!!! I have uploaded a image showing what i mean
You can acces it by this Link -

For some reason i find this pretty a waste of space in
the Client window, i browse for folder in one Window
and choose the icon to upload/download in another.
This could be solves by just having one Window (a Icon
view style) Would save more space, and would be much
nicer =D

If you feel like that you really would want these two
styled windows, Would it then pe possible to add a
feature in the preferences dialog, Where you can choose
to either just have the IconView mode, or the mode
FileZilla is using right now.

2) Icons...
Another thing i saw on the forums where that you are
going to make your own Icon theme for FileZilla.
May i ask why? cant it just use my native GTK icons?
Like all other GTK applications does, and same on
Windows they will also get their natiev icons.

This is also great for users who is having other GTK
Icon themes, due they will get their native icons, and
i think all would want that =D

If you also dont like this sugesstion, would it then be
psosible to add a feature in the preferences dialog
where i can choose to let FileZilla use my native Icon

However FileZilla is one of the best FTP Clients ive
ever used, iam really glad to see that the linux users
also can use this really nice piece of work.

Please dont see this mail as a complaining or trolling
of any style. Just see this as a few sugesstions from a
user =D

P.S Excuse me for my limited english

Peter Johansson

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 18 years ago

More options for the style of the file lists are planned. It
just takes some time to implement everything. FileZilla 3 is
still far from finished.

Regarding the icon themes, those themes will be for things
like toolbar icons.

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