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Remote File Edit

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I would like to be able to view/edit/save a remote file
without having to save it locally first.

I have looked for a request for this feature (I can't
believe I didn't find one!) and hoped to find this
feature already implemented. Other than the absence of
this feature, FileZilla is the king!

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comment:1 by jdoree, 18 years ago

When I say 'without having to save it locally first', what I
mean is I don't want to have to save my changes to a file
and then manually upload the file. Currently, if you
view/edit a file that is on the server and save, the file is
saved locally, not remotely.

comment:2 by roti, 18 years ago

yes, you have to quit the editor, and only after that will filezilla
question you, whether to upload the changes. This is the
same problem with total commander.
Under linux, when you use krusader (filemanager), edit a
remote textfile with kwrite (texteditor), when you save the file,
it is uploaded automatically. That would be a great feature.

comment:3 by thlayli_x, 18 years ago

WinSCP3 supports the upload-on-save behavior in Windows. It
would be very nice to have that in FZ3.

comment:4 by Tim Kosse, 18 years ago

All files have to be stored locally first before

comment:5 by jdoree, 18 years ago

Yes, storing them locally first is not the issue. The
request is for FileZilla to be able to auto upload the file
to its remote location.

comment:6 by ultrasick, 17 years ago

I use EditPlus to edit my .htm and .php files. EditPlus always checks if some other programm made changes in the file(s) which I got open at the moment if EditPlus lost focus and then recieved it again. So EditPlus noticeses if I download a new copy of the file with FileZilla. But FileZilla doesn't behave like that. I also wish the "upload-on-save behavior" for FileZilla.

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