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Some problems about file charset for filezilla 3

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I think this the best ftp client~

But in Taiwan and China, there are lots of encoding
methods for file name. In Taiwan, maybe you perfer
to use UTF-8, someone perfer to use Big5, etc.
As a result, if one's chinese file name using Big5,
then I get some chinese files from him, I will get
error file
name. Although I can change remote character set to
the correct file name, but when I download it, it also use
the remote files name to save. So, in my nautilus, I can't
disappear the correct file name. SO mybe gFTP can auto
change the encoding Big5 to UTF-8 when I download file
from a Big5 server. Or mybe can add an option that we can
choise which encoding we want to use in local.

There is the something that I upload a file to a different
encoding characters server.

(ps most of ftp server in Taiwan, using Big5 encode,
not UTF-8
, but filezilla defaule using UTF-8)

Thanks for your contribution to Filazilla....

by Dung-Bang Tsai

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Using Big5 for server encoding is not covered by the FTP
specifications. The specifications require either plain
US-Ascii or UTF-8.

However, it is possible to explicitly tell FZ3 the server's
encoding in the Site Manager.

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