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change to view/edit on remote server

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the current feature when you choose open/edit on a
remote file is great, but we could take this to the next
natural step...

1) being able to automatically save the file back to
remote server. this could be done by splitting the
existing "View/Edit" right-click option into 2 separate

view - which would behave the same way as the current


edit - which would transfer the file to the local system,
open the designated editor, and wait for the editor to
exit, and monitor the file for modification. when the file
is modified, FZ should ask whether to update the file on
the remote server and push it back across. it should
continue to monitor the file for updates as long as the
editor remains open.

2) extend the remote editing feature a bit... you would
right-click in the remote server pane, and you'd see a
new option for "Edit New File" (or whatever you want to
call it) which would basically prompt for a file name,
create a new empty file and initiate the "edit" feature as
described above.

Thanks for listening, and I love the program!!

(Also, sorry about two requests in the same message,
but since the second request is dependent and closely-
related to the first, I thought it easier than cross-
referencing between the two)

email fzspam<at>vaidman<dot>com

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

This feature has been implemented. Please update to the most
recent version of FileZilla.

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