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Synchronization between local and remote directories

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I miss a synchronization feature between local and
remote directories. The one that FTP Voyager has is
quite nice.

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comment:1 by anonymous, 20 years ago

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I have a simular problem Synchronizing between local and
remote directories on a ws-ftp server.

comment:2 by anonymous, 19 years ago

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comment:3 by keno69, 19 years ago

I second this motion. I am a web developer for The U.S. Fish
& Wildlife Service. We recently switched our main ftp access
to SSL Secured.

Most of our web developers (500+) used the Dreamweaver
Client because it was simple and allowed for the
syncronization function. Unfortunately Dreamweaver does not
support FTP w/ SSL, and so we will need to move to a third
party program. Filezilla is nice because the layout is similar to
the DW FTP Client, and realitively straight forward to use
(drag and drop). The only other main feature we would like to
see is a synchronization ability.

The "overwrite if xxxx" feature acts as a pseudo
synchronization feature, and while that is fine for someone
who deals with this stuff all day, I fear it would be to
technical for most of our staff who just do web developement
on the side.

We are looking for a GNU FTP Client because of budget
constraints, and we are seriously considering Filezilla. With a
syncronization feature included I think we would have a real
shot as getting Filezilla adopted as a standard within our

comment:4 by declension, 19 years ago

I agree - to an extent. Remember, for anyone with shell
access (and on unix / linux / *BSD systems), there is the
wonderful rsync.

but that is a lot more complex to use for most users.

I propose a MUCH simpler interim solution, which is 'shadow
change directory'.
Assuming you have a copy of an entire site on your local
machine, it's really annoying to have to change into a
directory eg "images/" on both server AND local machines
then transfer files, then go back , then change to other
directories, changes some others. A single tickbox that
synchronised change dirs on both would save me (and others?)
SO much time, long term..

comment:5 by timdrijvers, 19 years ago

Jip synchronize would be nice, an other nice option would be
if i click the 'images' folder on remote also the 'images'
folder on local will become active (only if set in the
advanced options orso)

comment:6 by rickbeton, 19 years ago

See also

comment:7 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Duplicate of at least one other feature request.

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