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SSH (SFTP / SCP) for the Server

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The client supports ssh2 and it would be nice if the
server also supported SSH2, SSL, and so forth.

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comment:1 by anonymous, 20 years ago

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Yes yes please..

comment:2 by markgruden, 20 years ago


comment:3 by eyebex, 14 years ago

Keywords: sftp scp added
Summary: SSH for the ServerSSH (SFTP / SCP) for the Server

in reply to:  2 comment:4 by Jens Frandsen, 11 years ago

Replying to markgruden:


+1 for me too. Would love to see this feature added. Sftp seems more popular than the other security types.

comment:5 by kmook, 11 years ago

Any update to this? I think there are tons of people who would love this...

comment:6 by webcube, 9 years ago

Ticked is 10 years old.
By then there was probably not much demand for SFTP.
By now we see a lot more usage for SFTP. FTPS isn't that well supported or even not supported. FTP just isn't done anymore.

Is an update planned? If not, please close the ticket and add some comment on why this isn't implemented.

comment:7 by Gregory, 7 years ago

Me too. Why this ticket is low leveled?
In FileZilla Client, sftp support has been make years ago. Why it is still unsupported in FileZilla Server ?
ftp/ftps explict/implict protocol is the most complicated both for firewalls and for clients. the most libraries doesn't support option "TLS session resumption on data connection for PROT P", specially java ftps libraries strongly used in commercial services. With SFTP/SCP protocol it is naturally unneeded, and firewall configuration is as simple as http/https protocol.

then anybody can take this job? very good example is in linux ssh and sftp-server subsystem. there is also available sftp module included in proftpd server.

comment:8 by Matt, 7 years ago

I'd also like to ask for this (does it help to have more people ask?).

Could someone explain why this is hard or why it isn't necessary? I ask because I'm about to implement some other SSH server because I need this now, and maybe that's the recommended option for people who want SFTP on a server - use something else?

comment:9 by Kurt McKee, 6 years ago

Triage suggestion

There hasn't been any movement (besides +1's) on this feature request in 13 years.

I suggest closing this feature request.

comment:10 by Richard Lloyd, 6 years ago

I know it's 13 years old and nothing much has happened, but I'd beg to keep this feature request open. If you look for free-for-commercial-use SFTP servers on Windows, the list is virtually zero. The only one I've found is freeFTPd and it's somewhat unstable (with some weird way to start up its service that causes issues).

It's mystifying why the FileZilla Client has supported SFTP for donkey's years (it's one of the main reasons we recommend it to our clients as the transfer client of choice) and yet FileZilla Server has *never* supported SFTP in its lifetime :-( As people have said, FTPS is far less popular than SFTP - yet another reason to implement SFTP surely?

comment:11 by Kurt McKee, 5 years ago

Resolution: rejected
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It appears that this isn't going to get implemented. I'm closing this ticket due to its age.

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