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Case Sensitivity workaround...

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Would it be possible to have an option that...

  • If a local filename were mixed case (i.e.

'aB12cD.ZiP'), that when uploaded, FileZilla would
create ...


aB12cD.Zip (the original)


... wherein all the case differences are 'smoothed',
and all single case and mixed case variations are
accounted for (within reason).

Also, an upload auto backup option would be really


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comment:1 by anonymous, 20 years ago

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Also, if a batch of files that only differed by case were
downloaded, the (or one of the) mixed case version(s) be
created locally.


comment:2 by Tim Kosse, 20 years ago

Imagina a filename which has 16 characters, each can be
upper and lowercase. This would mean FileZilla would have to
upload the same file 65536 times.

comment:3 by anonymous, 20 years ago

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...upload the same file 65536 times.


If the filename to upload were mixed case, then 9 versions
of that filename-file would be uploaded.

If the filename to upload were not mixed case, then only 4
versions would be uploaded (or possibly one, if the feature
were disabled)...

One file to upload...

Four files actually uploaded...

... The reason I am having to do this manually is that I am
trying to make sure I catch _any and all_ requests to
download a particaular file. If the case of a filename
getting altered, by OS or possibly download client or
another source, is considered, download attempts may be

I realise that not all possibilties could be accounted for,
that would be a Server OS task, but this method would be
better than nothing.

By the way,...

upload the same file 65536 times.

... couldn't FileZilla ask the server to rename and copy the
file to itself? (I am not all that knowledgable regarding
what is actually possible with an FTP client and server


comment:4 by Tim Kosse, 20 years ago

I will not add any such feature. Please configure your
server to ignore case, that's a much simpler and cleaner

comment:5 by anonymous, 20 years ago

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Thank you,

I will ask my webhosts to see if they have this function
available; I am not aware of it if they have though.

One other suggestion I might make would be that the 'Ask,
Overwrite, Overwrite if newer' options be (optionally)
reset. when the queue is empty.
If this were implemented, it would result in fewer mouse
clicks, and may help busy and forgetful people (like me)
keep the settings' safe'.

Also, your 'secured install' option is the best option I
have seen on an FTP client; in terms off it being secure or
not. (although, there isn't an easy way to tell if an
install _is_ secure, from what I could tell from a quick
look just now)


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