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Scheduled tasks...

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Your software is really good, but the only one thing that
is not implemented and that i need is to created a
scheduled task.
It could be interesting to say to FilleZilla to execute a
download or an upload at a specified time of the day, or
someting like that.
But i'm patient so i will continue to run my download
myself, and i'm waiting for this feature. I hope it will
come soon...
thanks a lot.

(sorry for my bad english, but i'm french and i try day
after day to performe it...!)

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comment:1 by anonymous, 20 years ago

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It can be implemented as an option for Queue processing. It
would be good if it supported not only start date/time but also
end date/time. Option to automatically connect to server on
start and automatically shut down the PC when finishing the
work can be useful (similar to GetRight).
This is crucial for us whose ISP offers free hours at night with
no data limit.

comment:2 by kingthorin, 20 years ago

Wouldn't it be better if they just added scriptable ftp'ing (like
windows ftp.exe -s:scriptfile option) and then you can just use
windows task scheduler (or whatever you prefer) to schedule

More info here:


comment:3 by anonymous, 20 years ago

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Add me to the list...I'd like scheduling as well.

comment:4 by kevinc1081, 20 years ago

this would be awesome... i think the only thing missing that I
need. i did find a command line ftp client that i was able to
use .. basically, i have to call it for each file that i want to
download, so for four files, I run it 4 times. it works ok, but a
queuing/scheduling feature in filezilla would be great, and I'd
be able to use it for everything.

comment:5 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

Duplicate of at least one other feature request.

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