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Request directory filters

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It can be really useful as a web developer to have
filtering capability for directories. This allows you
to specify a file extension(s) you want to view and
ignore other extensions, so that you can look for gifs
and ignore the html pages, for example. This makes it
easier to synchronize development and production

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comment:1 by el_baby, 20 years ago

Yup... nothing ultra-fancy, but a shell-style glob would be a

comment:2 by kurt2002, 20 years ago

exact !

i have the same problem:

want to upload only files of a special type (== of some
extensions) of a whole directory-structure
but in these directories are many different types

would be great if it was possible to have a dialog
that enables you to choose all files with/without
certain extensions in that directory-structure

thanks to think about that

comment:3 by anonymous, 20 years ago

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Thats the exact feature I'm missing from every ftp client
I'v tried. I have even specially searched for this feature.

The problem isn't so much the file type filtering (the sort
function works fine here) but a full regular expression
filter on file listings. Imagin 300 files where there is no
common nameing conception (some start with special
abriviations and so on). Now I know a probabl substring but
there is no search function to use the knowladge.

comment:4 by Eirik, 19 years ago

Moved postings from deleted duplicate request (#900392) that
could explain better what people want:

Ranbato wrote:
"This may be an obvious variant to this request, but it would
be nice to filter files in (eg a find function)."

Anonymous wrote:
"Would also be nice to be able to filter out by attributes (i.e.
hidden files)."

comment:5 by Eirik, 19 years ago

Moved comments from deleted duplicate request (#776982) that
could explain better what people want:

Anonymous wrote:
"Also, it would be great if it was recursive, that is, I
could select a directory, and download all .html files in
that directory AND all subdirectories."

comment:6 by Eirik, 19 years ago

Moved up in priority due to many similar feature requests in

comment:7 by robmeek, 19 years ago

I think this request covers my need: Filtering out specific file
types during upload e.g. .fla files or .psds. Ideally this would
be configurable per site.

comment:8 by rbabson, 19 years ago

I agree that a filter on the local and remote files would be
helpful. I would suggest that any wildcard string should
work, eg. help*, *20040802*, *.sql

comment:9 by creuzerm, 19 years ago

I would like the ability to set up a filter to IGNORE
certain files and folders.

Example: .svn .cvs *.*~ (VIM temp files).

I use versioning software for my company websites so I know
who asked for what change(CYA).

I currently can't upload a folder with changes in it as I
have a lot of VIM temp files and .svn folders scattered
around my local working copy of the website.

comment:10 by tclineks, 18 years ago

I second (or third, fifth?) this feature request.

I'm tempted to jump in there but haven't the time.

Thanks guys!

comment:11 by nimapoggy, 18 years ago

I't would be a great feature.
I used it with flashfxp to exclude .svn folders and it
became very usefull for me.
Nice work however.
Thanks, Nico.

comment:12 by evilpuppet, 17 years ago

Great to hear that this is now planned for FZ3.

I'd like to also suggest that as well as straight filename
filters, it would be useful to be able to filter on
created/modified date.

As a web developer, when maintaining sites I often change
several files in different parts of the directory structure,
with different names and extensions. It would be handy to be
able to filter to all files modified after a certain date,
to avoid having to reupload the whole site, or keep track of
every changed file.

Seems if filter functionality is being built anyway, this
would be a good place to attach it.

comment:13 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Filters are already implemented in FileZilla 3. You can test
it using the nightly builds from

comment:14 by Alexander Schuch, 15 years ago

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