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#12394 new Bug report

Does not terminate

Reported by: Dmitry Kustov Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: Cc:
Component version: 3.52.2 Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: 10.0.19042.804


Similarly to already closed #8305 the process does not terminate anymore. I am unsure, but I think this started happening after some Windows update. I had an earlier version of FileZilla (did not write down which one, sadly), then updated and the issue was not solved.
It's easy to replicate for me: just start the app, close it with "X" and see that the process is still hanging in Task Manager and even eats 8-10% of CPU. Furthermore, if I change any settings, they do not get saved: after killing the process and opening the app again, settings revert back.
Issue persists both when running as admin and as a regular user.

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comment:1 by Dmitry Kustov, 2 years ago

After some observation, it seems like in some cases it does close, but in something like 2-5 minutes.

comment:2 by K.G.H. NICHOLES, 10 months ago

Win7-32, running FileZilla. Just updated to 3.60.2 32 bit. The last several updates have been struggles. I launch (limited account), it says it has downloaded an update, I allow it to install and give it an administrative password. It complains that FileZilla is running. Task Manager doesn't list FileZilla as an application, but it is in the process list. This time, I told Task Manager to End Process and retried - FileZilla started to install but said it couldn't overwrite a .dll (sorry I didn't write down the name). I then cancelled the update and did a Windows restart - it actually hung solid during boot and would not respond to Ctrl-Alt-Del. (I recovered by OFF/ON the power button, F8 to Safe Mode, and then restart normally.) Installing directly from the installation file (run as Admin) then worked. I am suspecting this #12394 slow process termination bug is biting me.

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