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bug with manual transfer : its no longer automatically retrieving login details for the currently connected server

Reported by: smuddle Owned by:
Priority: high Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: manual transfer, not automatically retrieving login details for currently connected server Cc:
Component version: 3.50.0 Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: windows 10 latest


In previous versions of filezilla,
ive been able to login to an ftp site automatically via sitemanager,
then select manual transfer from the Transfer menu,
select a file to upload manually, and set the associated options for the upload,
then just click the ok button, and the file would upload "automatically" without me having to put in the login details, as it would automatically use the login details for the currently logged in session.

This process no longer seems to work in filezilla 3.50.0, ive been scractching my head over why my file was not succesfully uploading, as in the past it would just automatically work.

i tried experimenting with the settings on the manual transfer menu, but i can only get the login details to fill in correctly if i fiddle about a bit.

The actual sequence i need to follow to get the correct login details to be pre-filled, is a bit bizarre, and i shouldnt need to do this, it should follow the same behaviour as it always did in the past which was to default to the using the login details etc for the currently logged in server.

Here is what i need to do now, to get it to fill in the correct login details when i switch to manual transfer, when i am already logged into a server:

I need to click the "use server from site manager" radio button then the "Select Server" button and select the same server that i am currently logged into. This on its own does not fill in the password, as you would expect, instead, i then need to go back and click the "Use server currently connected to" radio button, and then it fills in the password field correctly.

This is a pretty odd bug, i hope you can fix this as its very annoying.

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