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Publish/Quicktransfer button(s) required

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Many times a specific file or specific files, whose names do not change over time, need to be uploaded for publishing.

Like in the Seamonkey Suite, which has a pusblish button for uploading the whole page that one is editing in one go, it would be fine if there is one or more publish/Quicktransfer buttons for uploading one's favourite file(s).

Now, one has to manoevre each time through all directories to locate the files. Synchronized browsing and bookmarking helps, but then still scrolling and locating is necessary.

This/these Publish/Quicktransfer button/buttons could be located for instance to the right of the the Quickconnect Bar.

(A) corresponding shortcut key(s) could be assigned to the button(s).

If such a button/these buttons work for one favourite file, such a button could be extended to work for a list of files, for which each time extensive browsing is required.

It would then look like the Publish Button of the Seamonkey Suite, which unfortunately only handles ftp, not sftp or ftps, so if FileZilla is going to do this it would be great!

See also ticket #4333 and #8182.

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Summary: Publish/Quicktranfer buttons requiredPublish/Quicktransfer button(s) required
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