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Openstack Swift - Large object support

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Please can support for objects larger than 5GB be added to Filezilla Pro. I've checked the settings and I can't see a Large File option to enable.

At the moment, if content-lenth is greater than 5GB the Swift front end will respond immediately with a HTTP 413 error message.

Swift has two flavours of large file support, the older (somewhat deprecated) DLO (Dynamic large object) feature and the newer SLO ( Static Large Objects) feature. In a nutshell, to make a SLO object which is larger then 5GB, you upload the file in chunks < 5GB in size and then once all parts are uploaded you upload a JSON manifest which references the chunks. The emphasis is put on the uploading element as the manifest can be referenced as a normal object by an end-user for download, and the Swift proxy streams the chunks into one object as the download occurs.

It is possible for SLO to be disabled on a storage cluster, but I would not recommend DLO be used solely based on that fact, as it does have some limitations and is generally not recommended for new deployments.

FYI. We (Sohonet) contributed the SLO feature support for Cyberduck, which was accepted.

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