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Missing key file warning message blocks usage of sitemanager

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Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
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Component version: Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: Win 10


Hi, first of all love the software! i've been using it for years now.

There is one thing that is bothering me allot!!!
Enough so for lazy me to acctually make a ticket about it.

The situation:
I have allot of sites over 50 in the sitemanager.

When i open the sitemanager and i want to go through the list i type in the first letter lets say "M".
It jumps to the first item that begins with "M" awesome!

Lets say there are 2 items with "M" and i need the second one.

So i press the down arrow to go from the first item to the second item.

The second item is the actual one which i want to open, but now comes the problem :(

The first item has a SFTP setting and needs a keyfile from an secure/ecrypted usb stick and the settings are fine but the USB stick is not available at the moment.

Now in order to go to the second item i have to fill in fake settings for the first item just so i can use or select the second item and avoid the error message that says "cannot find the keyfile".

So now i have allot of settings in my sitemanager that won't work just so i can use the sitemanager?!

Can this be changed or fixed or be less obstructive in nature?

Maybe a extra checkbox that says "external keyfile" so you can avoid the errormessage and aslong as the file does not exist it's just not possible to connect this way you can still use the sitemanager.

Why not save localy:
We need the USB stick for security reasons and cannot store it localy or point to a always existing location this goes against are security policy.

It was kinda hard to explain but i hope it makes sense i would love to see a change/patch for this.

With kind regards.


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