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SSL - directory listing unreliable

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Hi there,
I see this very often when running FZ client against
the FZ server (implicit SSL). Not just the last
version (19) - it has always been like that.
Many times when I click on a directory it would wait
for several seconds just to came back with "Could not
retrieve directory listing". Refresh - and it does it
just fine. Locally or over the Internet.
This might not be a big issue when using a GUI client
and you're in front of the computer all the time, but
it's a real problem if it should be done from an
unattended program.
I'm currently evaluating IP*Works! SSL
and it seems to always have the problem, which
basically renders it unusable with FileZilla.

Also - don't know if it's related to the above, but
it also seems that the file transfer under SSL is not
very reliable either. Even with a (supposedly) good
connection, when I have multiple files in the queue I
get a lot (looks like) of transfer errors and
eventually some files won't get over, because the
number of errors reached the limit.
Again - not a huge deal if you're at the console all
the time, but quite unusable for "set it and forget
it" kind of mode...

Keep up the good work!

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

The most recent version is 2.2.28, an update is hightly

comment:2 by ik13, 17 years ago

I am using 2.2.28 client and 0.9.19 server.

Any known issies with IP*Works! ?

comment:3 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Are you using any routers or firewalls? Improper
configuration of them can have a huge impact on FTP,
especially for SSL secured connections.

comment:4 by ik13, 17 years ago

I see this behaviour with or without firewall. Probably
more often with a firewall, but definitely also on the
local network (it does go through a router of course, but
there's nothing fancy about it) and even on the local
machine connecting to the loop-back adapter (though far
less frequent).

I do have my FZ client set to passive mode and have
limited the port range.

That said I'm leaning to believe that this is a server,
not a client problem. I tried it with SecureFTP client
( against the FZ
server and it seems to exhibit the same problems.

Also - I couldn't make a similar setup using different
server software (Serv-U ftp server) to fail even once. I
had no control there though and it was set for explicit
SSL (if that should make any difference).

comment:5 by ik13, 17 years ago

This problem is most likely caused by improper router or firewall
configuration. Please read the FAQ for details.

Client FAQ:
Server FAQ:

comment:6 by ik13, 17 years ago

I found a glitch on my firewall/network setup.
Fixing it greatly reduced the occurrences of the above
issue and I would say that the remaining occurrences
(again - negligible number) are within the expected

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