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file contents reversed

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Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
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Over the last week while using 2.2.17a this has
happened several times while transferring large batches
of files from W2K machine to a remote site via FTP -

the contents of files in a given directory are switched
... i.e. file hokum.module has the contents that should
be readme.txt and vice versa.


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comment:1 by mmaranda, 17 years ago

Same error in latest version 2.2.18

The error is not apparent unless one checks the files on
remote server. This does not happen with all files
transferred. It's hard to replicate. But is happening

comment:2 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Known, unconfirmed problem. I need more information.

Are your using any routers, firewalls or virus scanners?
What happens if you connect directly without any of those?
Also, what's with the server side, are any routers/firewalls
used there?

comment:3 by mmaranda, 17 years ago

More detail:

Home Network, working behind a telco provided dsl router and
a Belkin firewall/switch. Three PCs on network. Not using
Virus Scanner on the PC in question.

Remote network... hosted solution without shell access.

comment:4 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Please try the latest nightly build of FileZilla 3:

It's yet not finished, but please try if you can observe the
file content switching with it as well.

It's a complete rewrite, so if it's a bug in FileZilla it is
highly unlikely that it exists in FZ3 as well.
If you observer the bug with FZ3 as well it's most likely
caused by some router, firewall or even a faulty server.

comment:5 by mmaranda, 17 years ago

This next (two) week(s) I wont be doing as much file
transfer, but I will try.

One thing that appears to have reduced if not eliminated the
problem was to limit simultaneous transfers to one (i.e.
eliminating simultaneous) ...

comment:6 by pgsandrade, 17 years ago

I just had noticed I'm a victim of the same bug. Example:
after downloading 200 images, there were 4 pairs of
switched files. And that problem occurs frequently, every
time I download a reasonable number of files. So, I denied
simultaneous downloads, and the problem was fixed (but the
downloads became very slow). I think the problem really
could have any relation to the hardware, because I just
have changed my router to a new LinkSys WRT54G.

comment:7 by skypanther, 17 years ago

Same problem, with 2.2.17 and 2.2.18. This is a real pain
when uploading things like CMSes, galleries, etc. with
hundreds of files. I'm forced to upload one file at a time
to get it to work correctly.

Client Details: WinXP Home with SP2 over DSL, linksys router
Server Details: shared hosting environment under both Linux
(dunno the flavor) and Windows Server 2003


comment:8 by bosmonster, 17 years ago

Having this problem a lot as well, also with version 2.2.18.

Priority should be set to max, since it can seriously ruin
your uploads/website...

comment:9 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

This is not a problem with FileZilla, it's caused by faulty
routers. Can happen both with routers on the client side as
well as with routers near the server.

In particular, Linksys routers are causing this problem. I
suggest to use a decicated Linux router instead, more reliable.

comment:10 by janvlug, 17 years ago

codesquid, how do you know that it is a router problem.
Have you any references to this issue with routers?
And indeed, I am using a Linksys router...

comment:11 by mmaranda, 17 years ago

In my case, router on my side was not linksys, but belkin.
I have no control of nor knowledge of the routers on other

comment:12 by bosmonster, 17 years ago

I've had this issue both at home (Linksys router), and at
work (dedicated Linux router).

comment:13 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

I got report that this same problem occurs with both FZ2 as
well as the upcoming FZ3 which was rewritten from scratch.
This pretty much rules out FileZilla as source of the problem.

Also, some people solved this problem by using a
different/no router.

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