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After using sftp:// a plain address does no ftp connection

Reported by: claudionieder Owned by: Alexander Schuch
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: Cc: claudionieder, Alexander Schuch
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A filezilla user asked me to report to you this bug:

He sees an inconsistency on how the address field is
handled. When you type in just a host name, filezilla
makes an FTP connection.

But in this sequence of events things are different
(note: you need to use for a host which
supports FTP but no SFTP):

  1. Start up FileZilla version 2.2.17a
  2. Fill in an Address like s
  3. Discover, that does not support

SFTP, so Click on the STOP icon in the Toolbar.

  1. Remove the sftp:// prefix in front and try to

connect to instead. It still will not

This happens, because filezilla still tries to
establish connections to port 22. You would need to
extend the address to to get a

This is irritating to unexperienced users, because for
them it looks like the situation in step 4 is the same
as if they had gone through this sequence of events:

  1. Start up FileZilla version 2.2.17a
  2. Fill in an Address like
  3. An FTP connection is set up.

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comment:1 by Alexander Schuch, 17 years ago

I tried this with FileZilla 3 beta right now, and it works there. Can you please (or the
user who reported that to you) try latest version of FileZilla 2 and see if the problem is
there, and maybe even try FileZilla 3 beta, just to be sure...

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