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#4951 fixed Cannot open remote directories after aborting connection and reconnecting to another Tim Kosse John

FileZilla version: 3.3.0-rc1

Steps to reproduce this bug:

  • Connect to an FTP server that is nonexistant
  • Try to connect to an existing FTP server for the dialog box that shows two options on whether you want to create a new tab or abort connection and connect to the new server
  • Select the abort connection option and then try to open a directory.
#4954 fixed Ver. Drag and Drop to shell disabled Chad

Hi there! Thank you for providing a valuable and highly useful piece of software.

Just recently, I updated the program (version and found that drag and drop functionality from the FTP file navigation pane to the windows shell was disabled. To clarify, when I try to drag a file to my desktop, my mouse pointer turns into the "unavailable" icon (circle with a line through it).

I've rebooted the pc, uninstalled and reinstalled the program, enabled the shell extention, modified my registry (according to the forums), and read through the existing tickets as well as the forum, and no solution has been identified as of yet. I can still navigate to the local folder in my left file navigation pane and download from there just fine. It's merely a matter of convenience.

Thanks for any & all help! I've attached my fzshellext.txt log, as recommended in the forum.

Yours, Chad

#4961 fixed File Server.xml: ver 0.9.33 - tags with multilines text are reformatted on a single line borgo

I use FileZilla Server 0.9.33 beta In file "File Server.xml" I use the tag CDATA like in the following example:

<Item name="Initial Welcome Message" type="string"> <![CDATA[ .....text .....more text .....more more text ]]> </Item>

The problem is that fileZilla remove CDATA tag and reformat all my welcome message as one text line, as shown below

<Item name="Initial Welcome Message" type="string">.....text.....more text.....more more text<Item>



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