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#8196 duplicate Deferred transfers Doezer

I often would like to be able to plan transfers for a defined time.

It should be able to be defined for every file transferred and should propose to define a date based on the PC's date which is when the file will be downloaded/uploaded.

Optionally, it could be proposed to define the date as a countdown (like "the file will be transferred in : .. [seconds/minutes/hours/days]"). It could also define an OS scheduled job.

Thanks for your job !

#9050 outdated Floating server list option Doezerx

When I chose an option from my servers list, the option I chose stays on the screen, like floating. Check the image for more info. Quitting FZ doesn't remove it.

#3767 rejected Renaming a file aborts the connection Don

When connected to a remote host site, I tried to rename a file there. After I corrected the filename there (renamed it), I hit return to confirm the edit. The connection then aborted. I'm using Fizezilla 3.1.2. Here's the log: Command: LIST Response: 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for /bin/ls. Response: 226 Transfer complete. Status: Directory listing successful Status: Renaming '/httpdocs/Pictures/2008-06-08 Siberian elm branchxsmall.jpg' to '/httpdocs/Pictures/2008-06-08 Siberian elm branch-small.jpg' Command: RNFR 2008-06-08 Siberian elm branchxsmall.jpg Error: Disconnected from server: ECONNABORTED - Connection aborted

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