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#6525 outdated JPEG file association Issue Doug

I downloaded client version today and when I tried to view/edit a JPEG image on the site, I get a message stating "No program has been associated to edit files with the extension jpg." I have tried changing the extension of the file on the site to .jpeg and still get the same message. I checked the file assciations in the Filezilla client and the box "Inherit system filetype associations is checked. I tried rolling Filezilla client back to a previous version and continue to get the message even though the previous version used to open file types without issue.

#11461 fixed Filezilla crashes when (dis)connecting external monitors DougZ

When you attach or detach external monitors, FileZilla client intermittently crashes - report attached.

#4619 outdated Timer Creation Failed... from version 3.2.5 to version 3.2.6 Jim

I got the message Timer Creation Failed when upgrading from 3.2.5 to 3.2.6. The forum ticket says this was reopened and reclosed because it cannot happen in 3.2.5. However, it did happen. The download was successful though and manually running the update worked fine. Now at 3.2.6.

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