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#7292 duplicate "Create file" option in addition to "Create directory" option Anonymous

Please add the option to "Create file," which would insert a blank file on the remote server for editing, which would be more convenient than having to leave FileZilla, create a blank file on the local machine, go back to FileZilla, refresh the local pane, upload the blank file, then delete the local copy of the blank file.

#11786 fixed "Create new file" context menu item produces files with same timestamp ieppiola

the first file you create after opening FileZilla has the correct timestamp -- any additional files you may create will have the same timestamp as the first file you created. this issue does not apply when directories are created. i first noticed this issue today when a new file i created showed as being several hours old -- at first i thought maybe the server time zone was wrong, or that the FileZilla time zone offset was wrong, but i eventually determined the timestamp was based upon the first created file.

presumably this is due to FileZilla creating a single file and then reusing it, but it seems like a simple way to improve this would be just to "touch" the file to update it's timestamp before uploading it.

#5253 duplicate "Create new file" option EagleOneRaptor

In practice, create a file on the server is quite annoying, and it's a very common operation.

Would be great to have an option to create a file on the server that creates a temporary file on the local machine with the name specified by the user, upload it to the server and delete it from the local machine. That's what I do by hand so far.

This option can also be useful on the local side.


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