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#2799 duplicate Advanced Logging whyeye

i'd love to see logging options, such as keeping one log file per user or for different time intervals (not only per day, but per month for instance). as a combination of the above, saving log-files per day/week/month in subfolders for each user.

#11428 fixed FileZilla Pro: S3 connect , not to a amazon host Bill Hutton

Enter in host name, user, password. The credentials are still being sent to Amazon and not the host name I entered.

Filezilla Pro version 3.28.0

Windows 7 Pro.

#2990 synchronised local/remote folder navigation whiskey83

I'd like to suggest a feature that would mean Filezilla Client tries to change the current folder in the other pane after the user changes current folder in one of the panes.

to clarify:

1) user changes to 'htdocs' folder in local site pane.

2) _if_ sync folder navigation toggle is set _and_ current folder in remote site pane contains a 'htdocs' folder _and_ the current folder names are the same.. _then_ change into 'htdocs' in remote pane. _else_ change navigation toggle to include "!" (because sync may be out of step)

This seems to me a natural progression of the 'Default local directory' and 'Default remote directory' in the Advanced section of the Site manager.

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