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#3768 rejected Reserve Timedatestamp not working CMedia

Sorry I have had to reissue this report.

The file transfer is not preserving the file time date stamp.

I have the option selected.

My client is Windows FileZilla version 3.1.2

Problem exist when uploading to server (Both Unix and Windows) file date time stamp is preserved when down loading from server to clientbiut not from client to server.

I consider this a Major bug as it seriously impacts on data management.

#8824 duplicate Server Special Command is not working. OZGUR COSKUNER

I am using Filezilla for sending some files from my pc to MVS system. My pc file is bigger than my mvs file and I am using SITE TRUNCATE command for truncating rows. But this command is not working with filezilla.

You can find log below.

14:07:30 Komut: SITE TRUNCATE 14:07:30 Yanıt: 200 SITE command was accepted 14:07:47 Durum: tsta için adres çözümleniyor 14:07:47 Durum: bağlantısı kuruluyor... 14:07:47 Durum: Bağlandı, hoşgeldin iletisi bekleniyor... 14:07:47 Yanıt: 220-FTPD1 IBM FTP CS V1R13 at test.FW.GARANTI.COM.TR, 14:07:45 on 2013-08-06. 14:07:47 Yanıt: 220 Connection will close if idle for more than 5 minutes. 14:07:47 Komut: AUTH TLS 14:07:47 Yanıt: 234 Security environment established - ready for negotiation 14:07:47 Durum: TLS başlatılıyor... 14:07:47 Durum: Sertifika onaylanıyor... 14:07:47 Komut: USER noc1 14:07:47 Durum: TLS/SSL bağlantısı sağlandı. 14:07:47 Yanıt: 331 Send password please. 14:07:47 Komut: PASS * 14:07:47 Yanıt: 230 NOC1 is logged on. Working directory is "NOC1.". 14:07:47 Komut: OPTS UTF8 ON 14:07:47 Yanıt: 501 command OPTS aborted -- no options supported for UTF8 14:07:47 Komut: PBSZ 0 14:07:47 Yanıt: 200 Protection buffer size accepted 14:07:47 Komut: PROT P 14:07:47 Yanıt: 200 Data connection protection set to private 14:07:47 Durum: Bağlandı 14:07:47 Durum: C:\ftptest\CASS_TR_EFTFileFX_20130802.TXT karşıya yüklemesi başlıyor 14:07:47 Komut: CWD 'NOC1.PGAR.DNTMP.WRK.' 14:07:47 Yanıt: 250 "NOC1.PGAR.DNTMP.WRK." is the working directory name prefix. 14:07:47 Komut: PWD 14:07:47 Yanıt: 257 "'NOC1.PGAR.DNTMP.WRK.'" is working directory. 14:07:47 Durum: Klasör listesi alınıyor... 14:07:47 Komut: TYPE I 14:07:47 Yanıt: 200 Representation type is Image 14:07:47 Komut: PASV 14:07:47 Yanıt: 227 Entering Passive Mode (10,24,64,1,253,85) 14:07:47 Komut: LIST 14:07:47 Yanıt: 125 List started OK 14:07:47 Yanıt: 250 List completed successfully. 14:07:49 Komut: TYPE A 14:07:49 Yanıt: 200 Representation type is Ascii NonPrint 14:07:49 Komut: PASV 14:07:49 Yanıt: 227 Entering Passive Mode (10,24,64,1,250,221) 14:07:49 Komut: STOR INP4123 14:07:49 Yanıt: 125 Storing data set NOC1.PGAR.DNTMP.WRK.INP4123 14:07:49 Yanıt: 451-File transfer failed. File contains records that are longer than the LRECL of the new file. 14:07:49 Yanıt: 451 Transfer aborted due to file error. 14:07:49 Hata: Dosya aktarılamadı

#7862 outdated SCTP protocol support CSRedRat

Protection and reliability above all else. Nowadays, information plays a significant role in my life. In connection with this very appropriate introduction would be implementing the protocol SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol - «transfer protocol with flow control"), a new version. This will provide protection against SYN-flood attacks, the establishment of a safe connection (using a four-handshake), as well as pleasant innovation in the form of the conservation message boundaries, multi-threading, unordered delivery, support for multiple interfaces. Implementation of this protocol allows the network to bring a new level of speed, reliability, security and data transmission capabilities over the network. Because the new protocol was created, taking into account shortcomings of TCP, in view of the network and make full use of their opportunities, and special attention was paid to safety and security.

It is high time to promote, SCTP everywhere! Given the current active movement towards IPv6. + A lot of goodies from this extract is another good protocol SPDY. You can not hinder the development of technologies and the need to push modern protocols to the masses. It remains to convince Microsoft's usefulness and necessity of these protocols and to persuade them to intensive implementation. By the way Firefox is already implementing a protocol support SPDY (expected in version 11), as well as support going into the popular web-server nginx.

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