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#10292 duplicate Version 3.10.2 CALSYSTECH

When attempting to upload using FileZilla the server access does not list the directories. Unable to list directories is the error. At first I thought it was my problem then discovered after the update from my older version ( is when the problem began. I rolled back to the version and the app began to work correctly. I now ignore the prompt to update each time it loads. I have other clients that use FileZilla and I recommend to them not to update until further notice about this problem being solved.

#12336 duplicate Lenghty wait to get to site after logging in CBSneyd

I created a new username and password on my Plesk FTP page. In FileZilla, I created a new site profile “Internic” using the new username and password, as shown on the attached FTP setup.png screen shot. I then attempted to connect and got stuck at the "Initializing TLS..." line on the message log for about 8 minutes before being asked to verify the certificate and getting to the site files. If I disconnect (CTRL+D) without exiting the program and then reconnect, I get to the site right away. If I exit the program and start the program again and try to connect, I get stuck on the same "Initializing TLS..." line and it can take anywhere from 3 to 9 minutes before getting in. On the same computer and using the same program, a different site on a different server has exactly the same problems. This does not happen on a different computer on the same home network connecting to the two sites on different servers, running the same version of FileZilla. Connection time is almost instantaneous. This can happen at any time of the day or day of the week. I am attaching a text file of a verbose timestamped message log from another session, and a text file showing system and program information from the FileZilla “About…” panel. According to “Your server is working and assorted routers/firewalls have been correctly configured for explicit FTP over TLS as performed by this test. However there have been warnings about compatibility issues, not all users will be able to use your server. For maximum compatibility, consider resolving these warnings.” The only warning in the log was “Warning: The entered address does not resolve to an IPv6 address.” I am attaching a text file of a verbose timestamped message log from another session, and a text file showing system and program information from the FileZilla “About…” panel

#4405 outdated Cannot delete folder/file Chris

Removing a folder fails if it was not created by a FileZilla Client and matches the following cases:

  • this folder has a file ".DS_store" (Mac) in it (cannot remove file as well)
  • this folder has a comma (,) in its name (in my case, it was created by a php script, I cannot open or rename the folder as well)
  • this folder/file has some backslashes (\) in its name (also created by php; however, I was able to rename the folder and afterwards I could remove it)

For all cases, it fails "No such file or directory". I reproduced this bug (especially the first case) several times.

However, I can delete the folders by a webbased system having the same user/group-rights as FileZilla had.

Perhaps there are some more problems if the folder/file name is not binary and was created by some other ftp client? I think the problem could be the charcater code?

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