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#791 filezilla 2.2.8d deletes config file when crashing Alexander Schuch kbg

The other day i ran out of HD space. Filezilla was crashed . after reboot filezilla had erased my config file/replaced it with a new one.

Im using filezilla 2.2.8d (can't dl the newest version). and windows xp sp 2

I lost all my logins... sigh... maybe a backup file should be created whenever a write lock is made on the config file?

#794 SFTP download fails with "no such file or directory" Alexander Schuch keehan

I have tried to get support for this at the forum, but no ideas. See the thread at: t=606&highlight=sftp

The problem appears to be with SFTP in particular. The connection to the users home directory works fine, but issuing "download" in the home directory fails. Text from the thread:

We are trying to pull files down to the client via Filezilla's SFTP client and we are having a problem. The server is OpenSSH 3.7.1p2. When doing view/edit or download all return the following output:

Status: Starting download of /home/username/test.ksh Command: GET test.ksh C:\Documents and Settings\username.domain\Desktop\test.ksh FALSE Response: /home/usernametest.ksh: no such file or directory Error: Download failed

It looks like the response is missing a / between the directory and the filename. Is this a known issue? FYI...I tried to do the same transfer with the PuTTy client directly with the same results. I have been successful with the client and OpenSSH commandline client from UNIX.

I am attaching a debug trace if it helps. This is hight priority for us as we can't donwload any files through SFTP using Filezilla.

I have tested with the same results on Filezilla 2.2.8a through 2.2.10. The problem still exists.



P.S. From the is interesting to note the same problem directly in puTTY. Perhaps the problem is puTTY directly.

#795 Filezilla shows empty dir listing for some sites Alexander Schuch al__capone_

this is really weird ! -Filezilla Server is running. CuteFTP client can connect (PASV) and list and work with it so can many otyher clients FTP client in command line of W2K/XP works too.

Filezilla (client) however, *DOES NOT* show any files, directorys and it does NOT show any error after recieving directory listing.

this is at least true for 2.2.9 and 2.2.10 for windows.

Please fix :)

BTW:to whoever looks into this - feel free to contact me and i will give you and IP and account to the Filezilla server - so you can reproduce thei problem in no-time.


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