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FileZilla strips leading / character

Reported by: mactfines Owned by: Alexander Schuch
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
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Novell's FTP server software allows one to access the files on ANY
Novell file server in the directory tree, using this syntax:

cwd server/volume/dir/subdir

When I enter such a path in FileZilla (2.2.10), such as "admin/
groups/registrar", it strips the first '/' character, changing the
string I entered to "/admin/groups/registrar", and as such returns
a '550 invalid path' error.

Another FTP client, NCFtp ( had the same issue a
few versions back, but has since been fixed. WS_FTP on Windows,
Fetch and Transmit on Mac OSX, and the command line FTP
program on any Mac/Linux/Windows system all work correctly with
this functionality and do not have this issue.

Please take a look at it. We really like FileZilla, but with that
problem accessing Novell's FTP server, we have to steer clear of it
for now.

I can provide a test account to our Novell server if you don't have
one available to test against.


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comment:1 by propagandist, 19 years ago

We have a similar situation on our Novell servers. If you
issue the command (Server->Enter raw ftp command...) then it
will find the server (and change directories after a
refresh), but it won't download the files because the
leading '/' is removed. Error at that point is "Response:
550 Invalid Path /n Error: Download failed").

We also really like FileZilla, but this posses a significant
problem for us because many people need to access the other

comment:2 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

Can you please try FileZilla 3? Does the problem persists or is it solved already using that version?

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