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#9869 duplicate HTTP links anyone Márcio Lopes Fão

It would be great if have a option copy HTTP link(s) to clipboard.

I supposed to be doing a new feature request but I saw that many others already did this request, one of them 8 years ago!

the ticket number #2591 are supposed to be fixed but this feature are still not yet implemented on the last version I am using ( - windows).


#7245 outdated problems in the brazilian translation of Filezilla Ricardo ibn Ghazi Ricardo ibn Ghazi

the brazilian portuguese is pure portuguese from portugal, 'A transferir' we don´t use it here, it is 'Transferind' and much more

I can contribute if you accept me, just let me know what file I need to replace with the correct brazilian entries

since it is occurring with the client, the server will have the same problem, I can help too

I wait for a feedback at ricardombroczkoski@…

#7410 fixed Renaming local file overrides existing Atul Jha Peter Slivka

When I try to rename local file to name that already exists, it overrides that file.

Example: I have 2 files test test1 renaming test1 to test replace test file without warning.

Trying the same on remote server throws alert saying filename already exists, what is good.

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