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#3672 Rough Italian translation Tim Kosse zandor_zz

After my previous post on that same topic, I found things improved, but not to an acceptable level yet. In the modal dialog where overwriting options are listed, we read in Italian:

  1. "Sovrascrivi" <-> "Overwrite"
  2. "Sovrascrivi se più recente" <-> "Overwrite if more recent" ;
  3. "Sovrascrivi se dimensione differente" <-> "Overwrite if different size" ;
  4. "Sovrascrivi se dimensione differente o più recente" <-> "Overwrite if different size or time" ;

I tried to gave the correspondent English forms. While 4. might sound good in English, it is rough in Italian, where one might understand that the dimension might be different or the dimension (again!) is more recent.

In order to avoid ambiguities, I suggest what follows then:

  1. "Sovrascrivi" <-> "Overwrite";
  2. "Sovrascrivi se file é più recente";
  3. "Sovrascrivi se dimensione é differente";
  4. "Sovrascrivi se dimensione differente o file più recente";

Thanks for patience,

Alessandro Rosa

#3676 Typos in English version zandor_zz

I'm revising the Italian translation. And I forwarded my revised file to the Italian translator. By the way, I found typos along the following entries in the English form:

  • "If you sucessfully complete the wizard and the final test succeeds, any firewalls and routers you have should be configured properly." -> successfully
  • "Hold the shift key to toggle the filter state on both sides simultanously" -> simultaneously
  • "If using timestamp based comparison, consider two files equal if their timestamp differerence does not exceed this threshold." -> difference
  • "Malformed reply, server not sending proper lineendings" -> line endings
  • "Server does not support resume of files > %d GB. End transfer since filesizes match." -> file sizes
  • "Updatecheck failed" -> Updates check
  • "Waiting for transfer to be canceled" -> cancelled
  • "Wrong lineendings" -> line endings
  • "You likely have a router or firewall which errorneously modified the transferred data." -> erroneously
#32 Plain Text Password zalith

Version 1.6

This is not really a bug but could be a security issue. When I extract a download queue it is put into a text file to reconnect again. The password is placed in the file as a plain text. A simple encoding algorithm could be use so it is not so easy to get someones password.

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