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#3513 "Find as you type" can't handle underscores nissesthlm

In the Local and Remote site file lists, there are support for "Find as you type", as in e.g. Windows XP. While this works fine for a-z, it doesn't work for underscores (_).

Reproducible: always

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a folder in the Local site pane that contains at least one file with a name that begins with an underscore (_) and at least another file that doesn't begin with an underscore.
  1. Select any file except the one that begins with an underscore.
  1. Type _ on your keyboard.

Actual results: Windows XP's "Default Beep" sounds, nothing else.

Expected results: the file that is named "_*" is selected.

#10668 fixed "GET" starts even when transfer will fail for sure MacLAK

When destination drive is invalid (missing network drive, maybe also when disk is full), a GET operation still start, and even hammer the FTP server (3 failed attempts in a row).

With a full transfer queue, it provokes a high number of failed transfers (0 bytes), and some servers then report an abnormal number of logs per second.

Obviously, FileZilla do NOT check destination's suitability before starting the transfer. It should check if there is enough space on disk and drive's availability.


  • Connect to a FTP server with a lot of files.
  • Connect a network drive.
  • Go to this drive in FileZilla.
  • Enqueue a lot of files.
  • Disconnect network drive: FILEZILLA DO NOT SEE THIS OPERATION.
  • Launch queue: everything fail, server is hammered.
  • Same thing may apply with a full disk (don't have stuff to test it however).

Attached files: In attached log, I've disconnected my "T:\" network drive, which is therefore missing in navigation panel BUT still shown in "Local site" bar. See attached picture.

#599 "GSSAPI PBSZ failed" message jeaton2i

While trying to use GSSAPI authentication, I'm getting the following error:

Trace: GSSAPI authentication succeeded Command: PBSZ 4096 Trace: Encrypted command: ENC YDsGCSqGSIb3EgECAgIBAAAAAPwyMZsNK8HgjRWIvZzVteBaHWO4difNb4Tp1f8BR8eyZPF3lR9l0aCg== Trace: Encrypted reply: 632 YDsGCSqGSIb3EgECAgIBAAAAAP0L5v0lDTPAfV3tawWxEdrPYRum6cAkxXAgokmdZ2wGhRWSOOvmUf7w== Response: 200 OK Trace: GSSAPI PBSZ failed Trace: FtpControlSocket.cpp(807): DoClose(10240) OpMode=1 OpState=-5 caller=0x003abf40 Trace: FtpControlSocket.cpp(2919): ResetOperation(14340) OpMode=1 OpState=-5 caller=0x003abf40 Error: Unable to connect! Trace: ControlSocket.cpp(184): m_pGssLayer changed state from 16253000 to 4 caller=0x003abf40 Error: Interrupted by user!

The server appears to be returning '200 OK' in response to the 'PBSZ 4096' command, but the FileZilla client doesn't appear to be accepting that repsonse.

Windows XP, MIT Kerberos for Windows 2.6b3 installed, valid K5 TGT, FileZilla causes a host/hostname@REALM ticket to be fetched, as expected.

I searched through the sources, but couldn't find any indication of where the 'PBSZ 4096' command was being sent, or where the 'GSSAPI PBSZ failed' message is being returned.

Any help would be appreciated.

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