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#12269 fixed Unable to resize the center post on newer version Cenay Nailor

Just updated a couple of times and now can't resize the center post. Here's what I know, and what I'm able to do.

Any help is appreciated.

Info from About: FileZilla Pro

Version: 3.50.0

Build information:

Compiled for: x86_64-w64-mingw32 Compiled on: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu Build date: 2020-08-31 Compiled with: x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc (GCC) 8.3-win32 20190406 Compiler flags: -O2 -g -Wall -Wextra -pedantic

Linked against:

wxWidgets: 3.0.6 SQLite: 3.31.1 GnuTLS: 3.6.14

Operating system:

Name: Windows 10 (build 19041), 64-bit edition Version: 10.0 Platform: 64-bit system CPU features: sse sse2 sse3 ssse3 sse4.1 sse4.2 avx avx2 aes pclmulqdq rdrnd bmi bmi2 adx lm Settings dir: C:\Users\Cenay Nailor\AppData\Roaming\FileZilla\

#12268 fixed Finish editing and delete local file "will delete on cancel" Pieter van Linschoten

While working on files, saving then switching to FileZilla (FZ), FZ will prompt a message "File has changed".

This has the option "Upload this file back to the server: [] Finish editing and delete local file"

As I was completing the task, the checkbox "Finish editing and delete local file" was checked, then it occurred to me that I wanted to change something.

I pressed escape, canceling the operation. For me it was a bit of a surprise that the Escape button and the X on the right corner basicly perform the "No" action - therefor deleting the file - instead of canceling the operation as a whole.

Action: Esc (cancel) Expectation: close prompt, don't perform any action. Reality: Alias for pressing the "No" button, executing the selected checkbox.

#12262 outdated Assert error message and crash on uploading files php4fan

I uploaded a bunch of files by dragging them from a Nemo window into Filezilla's server-side tab.

I do this all the time, but this time a window with an assert error message showed up.

Here's the backtrace:

    QueueView.cpp(1231): assert "(res & (0x0100 | (0x0002))) != (0x0100 | (0x0002))" failed in SendNextCommand().

    [1] wxEvtHandler::TryHereOnly(wxEvent&)
    [2] wxEvtHandler::ProcessEventLocally(wxEvent&)
    [3] wxEvtHandler::ProcessEvent(wxEvent&)
    [4] wxEvtHandler::ProcessPendingEvents()
    [5] wxAppConsoleBase::ProcessPendingEvents()
    [6] wxApp::DoIdle()
    [7] g_main_context_dispatch
    [8] g_main_loop_run
    [9] gtk_main
    [10] wxGUIEventLoop::DoRun()
    [11] wxEventLoopBase::Run()
    [12] wxAppConsoleBase::MainLoop()
    [13] wxEntry(int&, wchar_t**)
    [14] __libc_start_main

I tried the "Continue" button, but the popup would show up again and again, so I eventually chose "Stop", and then FileZilla crashed (unless closing it is what the Stop button does).

I have no idea how to reproduce this systematically. It only happened randomly this one time (and I'm sure it'll happen again in the future, but it certainly doesn't happen often)

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