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#3711 duplicate simultaneous connections/ tabbed connections Anthony Baker

Allow multiple connections simultaneously which are navigated through with tabs. I've seen another feature request for this that was closed because it was a dupe of another request however I cannot find the current request that pertains to this so I am submitting again to be absolutely sure that this gets documented.

#2174 outdated simultaneous (synchronous) directory change (directory "follow me") cybot_tm

with an option in the toolbar enabled

the remote folder should change simultan when i change the local folder, and vice versa

with relative paths

for example:

local folder: c:\htodcs\web\images

remote: \www\domain\images

changing localy to: '..\' would result in:

c:\htodcs\web \www\domain

and changing localy to: 'images\thumbs' would result in:

c:\htodcs\web\images\thumbs /www/domain/images/thumbs

#1358 simply wont upload purefan
  1. Opened filezilla and prompted me to download and install versoin 3.0.6 which I did
  2. Without restarting I opened the client and connected to a server
  3. Chose a bunch of files and clicked upload
  4. After transferring 246 files out of over 2039 it stopped.
  5. Enabled debug mode and showed the following information:

Trace: CFtpControlSocket::FileTransfer() Status: Starting upload of E:\wamp\www\Folder\Proyect\1.6-19\upload\design\templates\default\admin\config\core.html Trace: CFtpControlSocket::SendNextCommand() Status: ftpcontrolsocket.cpp(1764): Waiting for replies to skip before sending next command... caller=0p1405ad8

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