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simultaneous (synchronous) directory change (directory "follow me")

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Priority: high Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: lockstep, folder sync Cc: cybot_tm, Eirik, nathanbeach, jgsato, Alexander Schuch, james-brown, Álvaro G. Vicario, mesec, hierogrammate
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with an option in the toolbar enabled

the remote folder should change simultan when i change
the local folder, and vice versa

with relative paths

for example:

local folder:


changing localy to: '..\' would result in:


and changing localy to: 'images\thumbs' would result in:


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comment:1 by Eirik, 19 years ago

Changing summary to better reflect the feature request.

comment:2 by cybot_tm, 19 years ago

with a switchable button in the toolbar, like the
'Q'-Queu-Button f.e., enabled FileZilla will automatically
change select the same file on the other pane if i select a
with the same name in one pane, or when i doubleclick on a
directory FileZilla will open this directory in booth panes,
left and right, (if there is a directory with the same name
in the other pane)

Pane1 Lokal Pane2 Remote

.. ..
file1 file1
file2 file2

selecting remote the 'file1' will also highlight 'file1' on
lokal, and changing to DIR1 lokal will also change remote to
the dir 'DIR1'

clicking on '..' will only go up in both panes if the
current directory-name is the same in both panes

and even nicer in large folders it would be nice if both
panes (lokal and remote) would scroll simultanously

i hope i could clearify my RFE

comment:3 by nathanbeach, 17 years ago

I would really like this feature, too. My suggestion is like this:

-- There's a checkbox-like component (or menu option) that enables "Folder Lock".
-- If the downward folder (child) click on either side matches a directory on the other side, both folders are changed.
-- If the folder on the opposite side doesn't exist, the Folder Lock checkbox is unchecked, and the directory change goes on as requested on one side.
-- As mentioned in the feature request, on a parent folder click, both folders change if the parent folders have the same name, otherwise, the Folder Lock option is unchecked, and the directory change continues on one side.

Thanks for this piece of software, it's really excellent.

Nathan Beach

comment:4 by cybot_tm, 17 years ago

"As mentioned in the feature request, on a parent folder click, both
folders change if the parent folders have the same name, otherwise, the
Folder Lock option is unchecked, and the directory change continues on one

not the parent folder - the folder itself!

local : c:\htdocs\images
remote: /www/images

changing from 'image' into '..' on one side should change on both sides ... even if 'www' is not the same name as 'htdocs'

comment:5 by jgsato, 17 years ago

I also agree that this would be a great benefit to FileZilla as the majority of the time I spend using FTP is navigating between directories, both local and remote. Thanks.

comment:6 by Alexander Schuch, 17 years ago

Taken from now deleted RFE:
[ 1452488 ] Directory Browsing Sync

"Sorry, I missed this when I added my own request for the same thing. I would only suggest the feature be selectable (checkbox), and not turn off automatically (text error message seems better)."

comment:7 by james-brown, 17 years ago

In addition to having a menu option to always enable 'following', I would suggest implementing a modifier key to toggle the state as well. For example, if you control-doubleclick (or or alt-doubleclick or whatever) on a directory, it would invert the sense of the current follow option setting. In other words, if the follow option was on, ctrl-doubleclick would NOT follow and vice-versa.

The following / not-following state should be able to be configured globally and on a per connection basis (which overrides the global setting) in the connection settings (probably on the same page where you configure the initial local and remote directories). The connection-specific setting should be tristate (on, off, global).

I believe that the correct answer to the 'follow up if the parent folder has the same name' comments below is if the CURRENT folder, not the parent folder, has the same name as is shown in the example in the summary.

I'll add my thanks to those of others for creating such a great tool!

comment:8 by Alexander Schuch, 17 years ago

Taken from now deleted RFE:
[ 1784664 ] Mirror browsing

"It will be nice if when i select a file the panel the other panel scroll to the same file."

comment:9 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

Taken from now deleted:
[ 1846319 ] Local navigation mirroring

"For instance:

Local folder: c:\myFolder
remote folder: /mySite/myFolder

Double click on local folder "images" under "myFolder"

Is there an "images" folder under /mySite/myFolder?

  • Yes: open the "images" folder
  • No: do nothing

Double click on local folder "animated" under "images"

Is there an "animated" folder under /mySite/myFolder/images?

  • Yes: open the "animated" folder
  • No: do nothing"

comment:10 by Álvaro G. Vicario, 16 years ago

A possible name for the feature could be: "Synchronized browsing"

comment:11 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

This feature is called "Lockstep Folder Navigation" in GlobalSCAPE CuteFTP, according to the following (now deleted) RFE:
[ 1913632 ] Lockstep Folder Navigation

comment:12 by mesec, 16 years ago

I believe the best implementation would be a la FireFTP "Keep directories in sync" -- if the folder doesn't exist, just do nothing, but don't disable the folder sync, keep track of where navigation goes, ie:

local has:

remote has:

if you navigate to includes, do nothing, but keep record that local is 1 step up.
if you navigate back to web, keep track that they are equal again.
now if you navigate to images, both sides will navigate into images.

you can also have this feature as a checkbox for each site configuration to override the global configuration

half the time i still use fireftp simply because of this one feature... but i find for larger/longer transfers filezilla works better (keeps better log of failed transfers, for one)


comment:13 by cybot_tm, 16 years ago

for this missing feature i use WinSCP (yes, they support FTP too)

they ask to create the folder when it is missing

they have a simple button in the toolbar, and the button state is saved with the session

comment:14 by hierogrammate, 16 years ago

As a user of CuteFTP, this is one of the features I miss. Like previous poster said, I often use use fireftp or cuteFTP simply because of this feature. Unlike fiteFTP (and like cuteFTP), it would be even nicer if there was a button somewhere (on the toolbar or somewhere else) to toggle that feature on and off on a per-site basis instead of having to dig into Options or Site manager for that (and, sure, having the state saved with each closing session).

comment:15 by Tim Kosse, 15 years ago

Summary: simultaneous folder-change (directory "follow me")simultaneous (synchronous) directory change (directory "follow me")

comment:16 by tgkprog09t, 15 years ago

Also prompt or have a setting
_If_Auto_sync_dir_on_then_auto_make_sub_Dir - boolean

c:\webs\sel2in\ dir on local matches /public_html/ on my server

so if i change to
c:\webs\sel2in\projects on my local pane in side Filezilla it knows to move to
/public_html/projects on my server if it exists else prompt to make a new folder

would be willing to make a $5 donation - am sure others would too

comment:17 by dave, 15 years ago

Keywords: lockstep folder sync added
Priority: normalhigh

Yes this is one of the features i would REALLY like to see in filezilla soon too.

comment:18 by Tim Kosse, 15 years ago

Resolution: outdated
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Implemented since.

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