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#12280 rejected libfilezilla 0.24.1 Solaris fixes Thomas Klausner

I'm not using Solaris myself, but a Solaris user of pkgsrc reported two problems with compiling libfilezilla: struct sigaction needs "struct" in front, and wcsnrtombs needs to be prefixed with "std::".

The attached patches fix the issues.


#12276 fixed 'data/filezilla.appdata.xml': launchable 'type' should be 'desktop-id' not 'desktop'. Phil Wyett

After previous update to the 'data/filezilla.appdata.xml' where we left launchable in for software centers. A look at the appstream 0.12 docs show that the 'type' should be 'desktop-id' and not the current 'desktop'.

Patch attached.

#12274 rejected Buffer overflow when wrongly using `memcpy` arya_lee

In the latest source code /tests/dirparsertest.cpp, there is a buffer overflow in function DirectoryListingParserTest::testIndividual().
len is the length of, not including the null character. So the sizeof(data) is len. According to the reference of memcpy, we need to make sure the 1st parameter of memcpy is larger than strlen(2nd parameter)+1(1 means the null-character.) So we should change 1475 to char* data = new char[len+1]; data[len]=0;

To avoid overflows, the size of the array pointed by destination shall be long enough to contain the same C string as source (including the terminating null character), and should not overlap in memory with source.

1474	    size_t const len =;
1475	    char* data = new char[len];
1476	    memcpy(data,, len);
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