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#11422 I am locked out of my FileZilla forum account - how do I get it unlocked again? new Other normal 6 years
#12001 Asking for Overwrite of new files new Unknown normal 4 years
#12016 Problems Exporting FileZillah database new Unknown normal 4 years
#12024 Filezilla won't open with new Mac OS Catalina new Unknown normal 4 years
#12090 Drag & Drop not working after update new Unknown critical 4 years
#12104 Can't log in to my server using FZ new Unknown normal 4 years
#12223 Error renaming a file new Unknown normal 4 years
#12333 Access to C panel new Unknown normal 3 years
#12433 Target File already exists error new Unknown critical 3 years
#12564 3.56.1 closing after each transfer new Unknown normal 2 years
#12647 Can not upload new Unknown high 2 years
#12750 IP blocked new Other blocker 19 months
#12918 I Cannot transfer files new Unknown critical 10 months
#12944 "Not connected to any server" error new Unknown normal 8 months
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