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Submitting a new ticket is a straightforward task. Just fill out the form shown in the screenshot below.

This guide will help you to figure out what to put into each field.

  • Summary: A short summary about your ticket. Just like an e-mail's subject line. Do not put words like FileZilla, client or server into the summary, that is redundant information.
  • Assign to: Do not touch
  • Type: Select the ticket type: Bug report, feature request or patch.
  • Priority: Leave it at normal, even if the problem is important for you. The developers will decide how important this problem really is.
  • Component: Is the bug report for the client, the server or some other product?
  • Keywords: A few keywords that will make finding your ticket easier.
  • Cc: Do not touch
  • Operating system type: Select which operating system you have
  • Operating system version: Enter the version of your operating system. If you selected Other as operating system, enter its name here too.


Tickets that are filled out incorrectly will get rejected.

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.