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Installing commercial SSL cert hangs FZS @ 100% CPU usage

Reported by: aellsworth Owned by:
Priority: high Component: FileZilla Server
Keywords: Cc: aellsworth, Tim Kosse
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To reproduce:

Generate a certificate signing request (CSR). Example
with openssl:

openssl req -new -out certreq.txt

Give the private key a password of "test". For this
example, the corresponding private key will be dropped
in the current directory as "privkey.pem". Note the
location of this file.

Use the CSR you just created to obtain a Thawte trial
SSL certificate for free:

Paste in the text from the certreq.txt file, and save
the resultant certificate text in a new file, certnew.pem.

Pull up the FileZilla server interface. Access Edit ->
Settings. Click SSL/TLS settings. Click Enable SSL/TLS
support. Enter the full path to privkey.pem in the
"Private key file" field. Enter the full path to the
new Thawte trial certificate in the "Certificate file"
field. Press OK.

Filezilla server interface hangs, and consumes 100% of
CPU. Interface must be force-killed.

Version: Filezilla server 0.9.10a
Platform: Windows Server 2003.

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comment:1 by aellsworth, 19 years ago

FYI, I believe this may be related to encrypted private key
files. OpenSSL (and just about any other program that will
generate a private key file) requires encryption to protect
the private key. This is typically done via a text
passphrase (OpenSSL requires a minimum of 4 character
passphrase, and will not accept a null passphrase). There is
no provision in FZS to enter the passphrase for a private key.

Also, the self-generated certificate and private key that
FZS creates appears to have an unencrypted private key,
further supporting this theory.

comment:2 by Tim Kosse, 19 years ago

Yes, it's the password protected keyfiles that are causing
this problem. I'm working on a solution. I plan to release a
fixed version this weekend.

comment:3 by aellsworth, 18 years ago

I can confirm that this problem is fixed.

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