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Why is the delay between failed login attempts limited to only 999 seconds?

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Hi there,

I am using FileZilla 3.7.3 and it has almost all the possible settings I'm needing, except one. I was wondering why is the delay between failed login attempts limited to 999 seconds.

When I am away from home I connect to the internet through a hotspot but the hotspot automatically disconnects me after 2 hours. I have a software that auto reconnects me every 2 hours but when I use FileZilla to send large files to my FTP site, it can last more than 2 hours, then when I get disconnected FileZilla tries to reconnect, connection succeeds as soon as my connection to the internet is up again and then FileZilla tries to resume the current upload transfer. The problem is that my FTP server (which is a Pure FTPD) works on a temporary file to store the data I'm sending to it, and Pure FTPD sometimes needs up to 20 minutes (1200 seconds) to detect that the upload has been broken and then rename the temporary file into my target file. Then if FileZilla reconnects to the server just after 999 seconds it happens that the target file is still in a temporary state, it has not been renamed into the target file yet and if the target file does not exist FileZilla will then restart the upload from zero rather than resume the transfer.

If I was able to set the delay between failed login attempts to more than only 999 seconds it would solve my problem, and therefore I was wondering if it was possible to increase this delay limitation in future versions or if there was a reason why this delay could not be more than 999 seconds.

Thank you.

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