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Complete System crash while uploading

Reported by: jahwe2000 Owned by: Alexander Schuch
Priority: blocker Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: Cc: jahwe2000, Alexander Schuch, speedfreak665
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This seems to appear in conjunction with #1191004, but
not neccessarily. I use windows XP and FileZille (some
versions, also 2.2.14b) completely crash windows XP
(can't move mouse, pressing numlock does not change
At the moment I have to use a different FTP Client as
this is not a state to work with :(
Just let my know if you need further information from me.

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comment:1 by speedfreak665, 18 years ago

same problem for me!!!
tested differen FileZilla client and server versions

well, i have a really annoying system freeze everytime, i
want to connect (filezilla client -> filezilla server) from
my PC to one of my buddies PC's, well actually we live
together, so it's just a one room distance.

nevertheless, as soon as i start an upload transfer (doesn't
matter which file, nor from which partition or even
harddisc) the system will freeze.
this happens for both server (Henning's and Kay's).

next interesting point here is, it happens with both WLAN
USB sticks.
AVM Fritz WLAN USB 2.0 stick, NETGEAR WG311T USB stick.

another interesting thing is, that it does only happen with
FileZilla, if i connect via command-line ftp or with
FlashFXP, NO systemfreeze.

funny enough, when is use LAN (with TP-cable) no problem, to
both server's no errors, no system freeze, whatsoever.

well sorry for this chaos of information
hopefully this maybe indeed a filezilla bug :>
otherwise i have no whatsoever clue

comment:2 by Alexander Schuch, 17 years ago

An application should not be able to crash the operation system (OS). So if FileZilla is able to crash your Windows XP, you found a bug in your operation system, or are just using buggy drivers or something. Different programs use different ways to handle a problem, so one implementation might trigger the bug, while another implementation does not.

However, can you please test most recent version of FileZilla 2 or FileZilla 3 (beta) and report back?

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