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More often than not, I'm right-clicking on a local file in the left panel, in order to copy-paste it onto an Explorer window.
The use case :

  1. local files often needs to be re-organized and we only realize it when handling them when working with FTP.
  2. in my connections many remote folders are paired with a "Default local directory", but distant files sometimes needs to head to a second local directory elsewhere, and browsing forth and back inside Filezilla is sometimes not desirable.

I'm really intuitively expecting to have this function somewhere and am often frustrated to get remembered it still doesn't exist.

Would it be possible to plan this feature in a next release ?

Besides, thanks a lot for this good software.

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comment:1 by exxos, 10 years ago

Its the similar problem why I do not get on with FZ, I tend to use WSFTP even though its buggy and old, only because I can copy from explorer and paste onto the server directory in WSFTP. FZ does not seem to have this copy paste feature, even though it supports drag and drop. Though drag and drop is ok if you want to have windows side by side to do it easily, or spend ages navigating though the FZ directory lists, but for me its really useful to just use explorer to find the files I want then just copy paste it to upload it. I would really like to get using FZ as it works great and its updated. Though its annoying when it lacks such a basic functionality :-(

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