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Speed Control limits not functioning after version 2.2.12

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Under file transfer settings i have setup 6 different
rules for speed limits in both downloads and uploads
(although same behaviour without uploads)

The reason is certain times of each day do not count
against my download limit, and therefore i can download
at full bandwidth while other times i have it limited
to 1Kb.

with version 2.2.13 and above the speed limits stop
working after a machine reboot. i can set constant
speeds, but am unable to use the speed limit rules.
each transfer goes right up to full bandwidth.

this isnt just with old files sitting in the queue from
pre load, it is allso for new transfers setup during
current sessions.

reinstalling 2.2.12 or older over the top fixes this

log files are identicle for the two scenarios, so i
havnt any idea whats causing this.

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comment:1 by jroysdon, 18 years ago

This problem exists in 2.2.18 as well for Download (I have
not tested Upload). If I clear out the settings (Remove)
and the (Add) it back (Edit - Settings, File Transfer
Settings - Speed Limit, Add, Use Speed Limit Rules: 8kB/s
[F:06:00:00;T:21:00:00] which should limit it during all
days of the week from 6am - 9pm to 8kB/s, it will work for
that session of FileZilla. If I close out and open back up,
the settings are still there, but they do not work. I can
select Constant Speed Limit and it will work, but to make
the Use Speed Limit Rule work again, I have to Remove and
the Add the rule back.

I'd really love to see this feature working properly, as I
use this to download very large patches at customer sites.
It is very handy to be able to start a remote session to the
customer server and start the downloads during business
hours, albiet at a slow rate, and then have them excellerate
to full speed once it is after work hours.

I'll even put a $25 bounty on this feature to see it corrected.

comment:2 by Tim Kosse, 16 years ago

FZ 2.x is deprecated and FZ 3 does not have speed limit rules are they were too complex and rarely used.

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