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bad upload of file shorter than previous version

Reported by: koenc Owned by: Alexander Schuch
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: Cc: koenc, Alexander Schuch, rovf
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Hi there,

not sure this is a filezilla problem but I at least
want to report

FTP client used: Filezilla 2.2.13c (WIN2000)
FTP server used: Serv-U FTP-Server v2.5i for WinSock

When I upload a file I've uploaded before, but that is
shorter than the version already on the server, I've now
2 times encountered that the chunk of text the old
file is larger, just got appended to the new file.

so schematically:

new file: (local)


old file: (remote)

results in new file (remote, after upload)

I've had 2 occurences of such file during one transfer
(in queue) of multiple files. When I reuploaded the
same/unchanged files (by drag&drop this time) the
problem was gone. PS: during manual upload filezilla
warned me
a file of the same file size was going to be

that's all

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comment:1 by rovf, 19 years ago

Happens to me too very often. As I'm using a different FTP
I guess the error is more related to FileZilla.

comment:2 by Alexander Schuch, 17 years ago

Can you please re-try with current FileZilla 2 or FileZilla
3 beta?

comment:3 by Alexander Schuch, 17 years ago

I cannot verify this problem with FileZilla 3 beta. If the
file gets overwritten, the file on the server gets deleted
first and then recreated with the new uploaded content. It
seems as if the FTP servers open the file for writing (the
file pointer stays at the beginning) and then writes all
incoming data into the file and closes it again, as soon as
the transfer connection terminates.

This would explain the observed behaviour. As of my
knowledge, there is no way for a FTP client to force
something like that, so it might be a problem with the FTP
server? Anyway, if you still observe that problem with
current FileZilla 2 or FileZilla 3 beta, please reply.

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